NBA Trade Rumor: Tracy McGrady to the Knicks

06.16.09 8 years ago 46 Comments


This isn’t going to fly as an alternative to LeBron for the New York faithful. But there’s a chance that the Knicks – who are always assumed to be willing to exceed the luxury tax – would like to bring in Tracy McGrady as a one-year mercenary. It would sell some tickets, some jerseys, and would possibly keep the Garden entertained while waiting for 2010.

That would work out best for both the Knicks and McGrady, who has a year to prove that he’s worth a monster deal when he becomes a free agent along with the rest of the world in 2010. He’d have the spotlight on him in New York, where he could show the rest of the League that he’s still a viable 24-point per game scorer.

The Knicks could put together a package that would save the Rockets some money and include a veteran shooting guard with an expiring contract — Larry Hughes ($13.6M) — along with Cuttino Mobley‘s 80-percent insured $9.5M deal. Mobley could then officially retire with the team that drafted him (and originally knew about his heart condition). Call it full circle.

There are some issues with that scenario, though. First of all, Mobley retired in December. Even if he magically unretired and made himself available for a trade back to the squad that drafted him originally, there’s a rule explicitly prohibiting the trade of an injured/sick player.

But even if there were some scenario in which these two teams could work out a deal, principally sending McGrady for Hughes, would it be a good move for New York?

Source: Newsday

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