Rockets Guard Patrick Beverly Probably Also Stole Jrue Holiday’s Wallet Last Night

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It’s only the preseason, but that doesn’t make much of a difference to a lot of players. Young Jrue Holiday is trying to make his second consecutive All-Star Game this year but in a different conference after getting dealt from the Sixers to the Pelicans. Rockets guard Patrick Beverly is only entering his second NBA season, but he doesn’t care about any hype, he’ll pilfer the ball from Jrue if he spots an opening. Then he’ll do it again, and again…and again.

Patrick Beverly is a pest. But for Houston fans, he’s the best kind of nuisance. Last night in preseason action, Beverly owned Jrue Holiday for a dominating two and a half minutes that had to make Rockets fans smile. Between 11:11 and 8:56 in the fourth quarter of the preseason game, Beverly robbed Holiday of the ball — and some would say dignity — on four separate possessions. There’s a chance Beverly still had his hand in Holiday’s back-pocket as he left the arena last night — purloining him one last time.

By the time Beverly got into Jrue’s pocket for the fourth steal, the new Pelicans point guard was visibly shook. Holiday fouled Beverly hard as the second-year guard sprinted for another transition opportunity.

James Harden thought the defensive effort from Beverly deserved some dap.

The specter of Patrick Beverly’s hungry, on-the-ball defense is still fresh in the mind of Thunder fans as well. His knee collision with Russell Westbrook in the first round of las year’s playoffs inadvertently ended the Thunder’s title hopes prematurely after it was revealed Russ had torn his meniscus. It was Beverly’s aggressive play for the ball when Russ was calling a timeout that led to the accidental knee-to-knee impact.

Now Beverly’s hard-nosed D is in Holiday’s head, too.

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