[UPDATE] Ron Artest Clotheslines J.J. Barea, Facing Possible Suspension

05.05.11 7 years ago 35 Comments

UPDATE: Word just came out that Ron Artest has indeed been suspended for Game 3 in Dallas on Friday. More to come…

This move by Ron Artest can be filed under “Knucklehead.” With a few seconds to go and the game decided last night, Ron decided to maul J.J. Barea for really no reason whatsoever. We understand being frustrated, but you can’t do this. After the game Phil Jackson said that he thinks “there’s a good chance” Artest is suspended for Friday’s must-win game.

Watch it here and let us know if you think Ron should be suspended:

Do you think it will help Ron at all that he makes like he’s trying to hold up Barea after the fact? And if you’re Phil or Ron’s teammates, what do you say to him in the locker room after this happens?

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