Rose vs. Rondo is a rivalry again; Turkish Magic hands out 17 dimes

01.09.11 7 years ago 36 Comments
Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose (photo. adidas)

His star-making postseason debut series aside, Derrick Rose had kind of established a script recently whenever he faced the Boston Celtics. The most explosive point guard in the League wouldn’t do anything too spectacular, his counterpart Rajon Rondo would slap up an easy double-double while flirting with 20 assists, and the Bulls would lose in uninspiring fashion. Last night, D-Rose thankfully flipped the script and reignited that Rose/Rondo rivalry we all want to see … Rose dropped 36 points and the Bulls’ interior defense stepped up in crunch time as Chicago snapped Boston’s four-game win streak. He was in attack mode from the get-go, blowing past Rondo (13 pts, 8 asts) and either scoring at the rim or getting to the line (15-19 FT). The crowd was chanting “M-V-P!” for Rose as he put the game away late … And neither D-Rose nor Rondo was even the fastest guy in the building. Devin Hester was in the crowd along with some Chicago Bears teammates. Jay Cutler was supposed to show up, but he had a speaking engagement at the Douche of the Year banquet … A lot was made over one play in the first half where Carlos Boozer (22 pts, 10 rebs) lost the handle on a pass and Big Baby swiped it, then as Baby sprinted downcourt for the layup, Booz half-heartedly jogged after him. On one hand, you wanna give a guy the benefit of the doubt, since most players don’t haul ass trying to catch a guy on a breakaway. (Remember the Grizzlies game recently when Kobe didn’t even bother moving his feet to chase down Rudy Gay?) On the other hand, we’re pretty sure Booz could have caught Big Baby in a low-speed chase had he tried … While Boozer’s D stays under scrutiny, the Bulls pulled away in the second half thanks to Taj Gibson and Kurt Thomas forming a brick wall around the basket. The C’s were held to just 15 points total in the fourth quarter as Gibson and Thomas finished with 4 blocks apiece … Rondo came up with 5 steals, putting him at 62 for the season. That’s significant because it means another 30-steal milestone in the Boston’s Got Wings Program, where Red Bull has pledged to donate $500 to the city of Boston’s Department of Parks and Recreation for every one of Rondo’s steals this season (every dollar will be used to refurbish basketball courts throughout the city). After Rajon recorded his first 30 steals this season, the corresponding money was officially allocated for famed Malcolm X Playground in the Roxbury area of the city. After that, to decide the next court to receive funding, Red Bull opened it up to public voting HERE. Smith Playground in the Allston/Brighton area was the winner with the most votes at the 60-steal mark, so that court will receive the next round of funding. Go to the site to vote for the next court to get refurbishment dollars once Rajon got 90 steals for the season …

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