Seattle’s (OKC) Top 5 NBA Finals Moments

By: 06.12.12

The memories are still in Seattle. The team, and the playoff hardware it earned back in the Northwest, is now in Oklahoma City. Yeah, it’s an awkward time to be talking about the best playoff memories of Oklahoma City, which has only been in its new city four years, and when its former city is where all that magic happened. I don’t know how many fans of the Sonics have become full backers of the Thunder, but I can’t imagine it’s a majority.

But whether you’re a Sonics fan holding on to the best of times — even if this week, and seeing Clay Bennett four games from a title, represents the worst of them — or a Midwest dweller looking to claim some history as your own, this franchise has great Finals moments to choose from in its three appearances. Thus, here are the top five.


If there’s ever a classic play from Payton’s NBA career this is a finalist. Payton not only snakes a steal off of Jordan (in his shooting motion, which is damn tough) but then he dunks on the break and talks smack to finish it off. Ladies and gentlemen, this is Gary Payton.

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In case you want more backstory on this matchup, you have to listen to GP himself deliver it.

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Seattle sharpshooter “Downtown” Freddie Brown had a big series in 1978’s Finals, despite Washington winning in seven games. Brown played the biggest role in Seattle’s Game 1 win in ’78, by scoring 30 points — two years before the NBA brought in the three-point line.

His performance wasn’t an even night of excellence, though. During a frantic last nine minutes he poured in 16 points. After a season where the Sonics had started 5-17, this was a fitting way for the Sonics to finish a game.

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The Sonics lost Game 2, and would lose Game 3, as well, en route to a six-game loss to Chicago. The Reign Man left his mark on Pippen, though, with this dunk in the United Center.

Kemp had the best player of anyone on Seattle’s roster in the series. He averaged 23.3 points, and 10.0 boards per game, the second-highest averages in those categories of anyone in the series. When the series returned to Seattle, he had this to offer Rodman, whose 14.7 boards per game were only better than Kemp’s. You also have to give Kemp style points for dangling over Rodman.

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Before Dennis Johnson‘s huge moment capped Game 4 of the 1979 Finals, he and teammate Gus Williams scored 32 and 36 points, respectively, in the game to win 114-112. If that had happened now, Twitter and Skip Bayless would have weighed in on how unstoppable the pair were by the time the buzzer sounded.

The performance, though, was so efficient it would have made the current “Moneyball” inspired GMs overjoyed. Johnson’s 32 came on just 12 field goals, and making 8-of-13 from the line. Williams took only 13 shots from the field while making 10-of-14 from the stripe.

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Johnson is most known for his layup off a Larry Bird steal when he played for Boston. You know the play, but that came after this one that changed a franchise’s course. That was after his huge block on Dennis Grevey with four seconds left in 1979. (Note: This wasn’t the only time he dominated Grevey. In 1978’s Finals Game 3, Johnson held Grevey to 1-of-14 shooting and blocked seven shots.) The 114-112 win in Game 4 gave Seattle a 3-1 lead. The Supersonics would go on to win in five games.

That play led to this immortal call in Sonics/Thunder history.

What is your favorite moment?

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