Should The Refs Have Called Kevin Garnett For The Illegal Screen?

05.15.12 6 years ago

Kevin Garnett

Never mind that Kevin Garnett has been committing illegal screens since 1995. Never mind that since he came to Boston in 2007, I’ve nearly come to blows with a dozen Celtic fans who completely overlook this. Never mind that this was an obvious foul as KG went all Jonathan Ogden on us and freed up Paul Pierce for a potential game-tying three-pointer with a foul.

What I want to know is should the refs have made this call with 10 seconds left in a one-possession game?

There’s no question in my mind that Pierce wasn’t hitting the shot either way, and if Andre Iguodala was able to get around that Garnett screen, he would’ve done what he’d been doing all game, which was put the clamps on the Truth.

“I’m not going to make a big stink about it,” Garnett said to reporters afterwards. “I think Danny had already given me a warning about how I was setting the picks. I’m going to continue to set picks. I’m going to continue to get guys open. That wasn’t to me the game. We did things going up to that point in determining the game.”

As for the Sixers, some of them like Evan Turner said they were so surprised they finally caught KG for an illegal screen that at first they didn’t know what happened.

Did the refs make the right call or should they have let them play?

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