Spurs Sharpshooter Danny Green Loves His Pet Boa Constrictors

10.15.13 4 years ago
Danny Green

Danny Green (Soobum Im/USA TODAY Sports)

The Spurs surprised a lot of prognosticators by reaching the NBA Finals last season. Part of their postseason success — and certainly why they almost won the Finals in game 6 — was Spurs shooting guard Danny Green. Green burst onto the scene after setting a Finals record for 3-pointers, but it’s his love for snakes that’s featured prominently on his new website.

According to his site, Danny owns two snakes: a 7 foot female Columbian Red Tail boa constrictor named Jade, who he has had for five years. Plus, he’s got a younger male Columbian Sunglow boa constrictor named Lightening that he’s had almost two years. Lightening is only 3.5 feet long, but is said to be the more aggressive of the two. Don’t worry though, after some quick Wiki research, we found that boa’s do very well in captivity, and are said to be quite tame. Still, whoa, SNAKE!

The excellent Dan McCarney of the Express-News first alerted us to Danny’s penchant for reptilian pets. We’re like McCarney, in that we wish Danny would upload more footage of the boa’s consuming food.

[DannyGreenBasketball.com; h/t Express-News]

What do you think of Danny’s pets?

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