Suns Congratulate Fan Following $77,000 Shot

03.29.14 4 years ago
Tim Hoven, Eric Bledsoe

Tim Hoven, Eric Bledsoe (Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports)

Suns fan Tim Hoven had the opportunity of a lifetime on Friday night in Phoenix with the Knicks in town. Between the first and second quarters, when the Suns had already jumped out to a lead, Hoven — as part of a Casino promotion — had an opportunity to take a halfcourt shot for a prize of $77,000. He wrested as much as you can from such an amazing opportunity.

First, Hoven knocks it down with a set shot from 47 feet…

But his excited reaction after the shot fell was contagious and Gerald Green came over for a jumping chest-bump Hoven was ill-prepared to match (not many can match Green in jumping ability) before getting mobbed by a genuinely happy Phoenix group. Hoven looked like an eight year old on Christmas morning, and we couldn’t be happier to see him surrounded by the Suns.

Asked what he was going to do with the money, Hoven smartly said it was going towards paying off his student loans.

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