The Best Post-Move In the League Today

11.14.08 9 years ago 39 Comments
Kevin GarnettKG

In February 2007, we sat down with Dwight Howard for the Special Vegas Edition of Dime. In that interview, we asked him how he’d approach getting a bucket depending on a number of different situations. And pretty much every answer was the same: dunk.

Though there was some mention in there of a jump hook, it was obvious that this completely dominant force is able to destroy a number of different NBA front lines without really having a post move. Clearly not everyone has the luxury of being able to put up ridiculous stats simply by beasting the guys in their way.

So who in the League has the best post move, and what is it?

* Kevin Garnett‘s shoulder shimmy: This is the closest thing that we have to the Dream Shake in the League today. KG always seems to fake one more time than his man expects.

* Elton Brand‘s turnaround J: It’s Brand’s bread-and-butter, but it isn’t that “sexy”. He basically just elevates and arcs a fadeaway high over his man’s outstretched hand.

* Carlos Boozer‘s “baby” up-and-under: Booz doesn’t fully extend his arms on the up-and-under like Kevin McHale did. He opens up as if he’s going to try a lefty hook, and then steps through for a righty bank shot.

* Yao‘s soft hook: He ends up getting pushed off the blocked every time he attempts this shot. But it does go in.

* Zach Randolph‘s face-up jab step: This move is the biggest reason that Zach is known as a black hole. He holds the ball forever, but is pretty effective at getting his man off balance.

* Tim Duncan‘s spin-to-off-the-glass J: It’s incredibly tough to pick just one of TD’s moves. If you go back to his early days when he had Greg Ostertag‘s soul in a jar on his nightstand, Duncan dunked off of this move, but now he goes glass after using a spin to create separation. His footwork is still immaculate.

* Amare‘s drop step: Amare is kind of like Dwight in that he doesn’t really have a back-to-the-basket move that he likes to use. But against smaller defenders, STAT likes to use a two-handed power dribble to create contact en route to a dunk.

* Al Jefferson‘s baby hook: Jefferson makes his living on this, even if his man knows it’s coming.

* Chris Bosh‘s pump fake: Bosh uses the up-fake as well as anyone in the League on the block.

Who in the League has the best post move, and what is it?

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