The Best Three-Point Shooter of the Last 20 Years

09.03.08 9 years ago 27 Comments
Ray AllenRay fell 49-45 to Reggie

We’ve played through the top 16 shooters of this generation, and today we can crown a champion. According to your votes, Reggie Miller is the best three-point shooter of the last 20 years, edging Ray Allen by the slimmest of margins, 49-45.

But we didn’t think that the debate should end there. While your votes make up the definitive, official answer to the question, we polled some members of the Dime office on this question for their take on Reggie vs. Ray.

Patrick Cassidy – Editorial Director
Without doing a detailed breakdown of the numbers, I’d have to go with Reggie. If you’re asking the question of who you would want to take the big shot for your squad, I think you have to go with Reggie every time. Ray’s jumper is ridiculous, but he’s almost too robotic. That’s great for knocking down open shot after open shot, but I don’t think he has the same stuff inside that Reggie had – the “I’m going to snatch your heart” mentality that Miller used when attacking big-time opponents in big-time spots.

Their respective shooting talents are negligible – their jumpers are two of the best ever. It’s the intangibles that clearly put Reggie on top. As nice as Ray is, I don’t think there are NBA players and teams out there living in fear of him like they did with Reggie back in the day. The guy who stirs fear in the heart of the enemy is the guy I want on my team, letting ’em fly, every day.

Christian Grant-Fields – Lifestyle Editor
I absolutely hate Reggie Miller. I hate him the same way I hate Michael Jordan….pretty much because of the way they used to give my NY Knicks the full service buffet.

Reggie’s ratchet was ridiculous. I know if he suited up for the Celts last year he would have done his thing. The dude is automatic from out there….and at like 6’7 he gets his shot off on anyone. Let’s not talk about how he gets busy in the clutch. …Remember that Nets series from a couple of years back when he hit a three from like Half court?

…Then there is Ray Ray. His jumper is the smoothest I’ve ever seen. If I could shoot like one person it would have to be Allen. I was always a fan but started liking him alot after the series against Philly when he was on the Bucks and he had like 17 points in the 3rd.

Ray’s release is dumb quick and while you’re frontin his handle is underrated. He doesn’t need a screen or pick to get his shot off.

I am going with Ray. By the time he retires he probably will leave the game as the most prolific three point shooter in league history….surpassing Reggie.

Jesus Shuttlesworth for President!!!!

Jason Burke – Marketing Project Manager
No man, woman or child can knock down a corner tre like Ray Ray. He’s patient, modest and lets his J talk. Reg can shoot, but he didn’t carry himself like a champion. Plus, no one turns a child into an NBA thoroughbred like Jimmy Calhoun. Mr. Ray Allen wins, hands down.

Austin Burton – Associate Editor
Andrew Katz knows me well, and he assumed that, given my Seattle roots, I’d use this space to write an “open love letter” to Ray Allen. Not true. My vote for the best three-point shooter over the last 20 years is rooted in a personal bias — but it’s for Reggie Miller.

While the Sonics have been my team dating back to X-Man and Dale Ellis, Reggie was my favorite player for a long time. I guess it was for the same reasons that I’ve always liked Mike Tyson; Mike was a kid who (like me) got bullied as a youngster, but he grew up to be the baddest MF on the planet. With Reggie, here was this skinny guy getting pushed around by the ’90s Knicks, who played like a real-life version of “Arch Rivals,” and eventually he was able to find ways to slip into open spaces and slit their collective throats nonetheless. 25 points in the fourth quarter. Eight points in nine seconds. After a while, the tables were turned and New York — the self-proclaimed toughest place on Earth — abjectly feared Reggie Miller.

Given that, I always followed the Pacers’ playoff runs during the Miller era, which meant I got to witness the greatest clutch performer to step on the basketball court this side of Michael Jordan. I don’t know Reggie’s percentages off the top of my head, and maybe they aren’t better than Ray Allen’s, but I know that when it comes to one guy sticking one three-pointer with everything on the line, I want Reggie Miller. You can have anyone else.

Andrew Katz – Editorial Assistant
Putting all allegiances aside, I go Reggie because of the mental aspect of the game. Maybe it was the NBA on NBC music or that stupid pre-game bowing/kicking routine that Miller and Mark Jackson did, but watching Reggie wasn’t like watching a dead-eye shooter. It was like watching a home run hitter. For whatever reason, Reggie’s three’s meant more than anyone else’s. He was the guy that every team keyed on stopping, but absolutely no one could.

Some of our readers – namely Frankie and Ian – mentioned that we should revisit this debate in six years. I’m all for it – and I think that one thing will change then. Currently, we remember the absolute best moments of Reggie Miller. And with Ray, I’m guilty of envisioning him in a Celtics jersey – which isn’t the prime of his career. Maybe when we revisit this in six years I’ll look at Ray as a cold-blooded killer in his prime, but right now, it’s all Reggie.

Kyle Henry – Dime Intern
While Reggie was a great shooter, it’s Ray Allen all day for me. Reasons being: Ray Allen has a better all around game. People can say that this is just about shooting but I don’t care, Ray got better shots off because he had better moves to get to his spots without the flopping, acting and pushing off of Reggie Miller. Reason number two, Ray Allen is Jesus. Reason number three is that Reggie made his name off a couple games against the Knicks. I am a Knick fan.

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