The Heat Stop What No One Else Could; The Lakers Have A Problem

02.24.12 6 years ago 105 Comments
Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh (photo. Nike Basketball)

All-Star Weekend is in sight with the last chartered flights en route now. That means a three-day break for some, and a little ball and some partying for others. It’s easy to see why you’d want to take a break and take a little off in the last games before heading to Orlando. Not so for tonight’s marquee games, Lakers-Thunder, Heat-Knicks. It turns out how to stop Jeremy Lin (8 points, a -19 rating) is to have a Miami team that continues to take opponents apart with apparent glee … ‘Bron (20 points), Bosh (25 points) and D-Wade (22 points) all came out motivated to check the Linsanity, and it worked like it never has before in this two-week stretch of Manhattan madness. We said last night in this space that the Heat are the league’s most complete team. We’ll get to those boys in Oklahoma City later, but believe in South Beach right now. They’d heard about Lin and they couldn’t have gone at it harder. Realize that this is a team that knows about being the zeitgeist. It’s been a while since a Heat game hasn’t been in SportsCenter’s top five stories, but since Lin’s breakout against the Nets, they’ve been bumped in the public’s consciousness. How do you take that back? Sic some of the NBA’s best defenders on its best story, and see how the chapter ends. Lin struggled in the first half with only two points before finding a little more room as the Heat took control late. But it shows, again, that if Miami really wants something it will get it this season. Some teams have to flip a switch to get up for games, but the Heat just have to chance their game by a matter of degrees. And in South Beach on Thursday, those degrees made it too hot for the Knicks. … ‘Melo had a couple nice J’s for 19 points in the face of Wade, but he went 7-of-20 and was even less effective than that shows … Keep reading to hear what James Harden said to Kobe …

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