Tim Hardaway Had the Best Crossover Ever

07.23.08 9 years ago 61 Comments

Nothing excites fans like an ankle breaking crossover. When executed correctly, a proper cross leaves a defender helpless, looking foolish. You remember when the Glove tried to trip Jason Williams after he hit him with a one-two on the sideline? White Chocolate has some great moves, but for my money, Tim Hardaway had arguably the best crossover to ever hit an NBA court.

Dubbed the UTEP two-step, his crossover has victimized several NBA defenders and single-handedly began the end of the careers of Knick guards Chris Childs and Charlie Ward. In an age where some players carry the ball on just about every dribble, Hardaway had a deadly handle and killed guys with his cross without carrying the ball.

Tim Hardaway had the best crossover ever, write it down.

Who do you think had the best crossover of all time?

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