Top 5 Plays Of Eddy Curry’s NBA Career

01.20.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

Watching Eddy Curry last night was like seeing a ghost. I can’t remember the last time I saw him play, and had given up hope he’d actually make it back. He was like Detox: You heard the word “comeback” so often that no one bothered to care or believe it anymore. The hype was gone. But then out of nowhere, Curry made his entrance last night, scored the first time he touched it, and even had a tip-in dunk.

Some of the Dime crew have spent years putting Curry at the end of every fat joke. But it’s still good to see him back, if only for the story. This might actually help to make the Heat even more hated, and I didn’t think that was possible. So in honor of Curry finally, officially, making it back into the NBA, here are the top five plays from his career.

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5. Eddy Curry’s “Return To Sender” On Andrew Bogut
Once upon a time, they said he would do this on the regular. They were calling for All-Star Games, scoring titles and championships. They said he would cook and serve players like Andrew Bogut as finger food. None of that ever happened, but on this night, Curry wasn’t having it. If myself and a few of my friends who are Knick fans had been watching this, this block would’ve been the point for them to start declaring how Curry was a “franchise centerpiece” and how he was the “best offensive center in the league” after Shaq (who remembers these claims?) and how he was “the best help defender in the league.”
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4. Eddy Curry Gives Chris Bosh A Piece Of His Mind
Compared to Curry, is Bosh still a softie? The former Raptor was yammed on, so that’s gotta make him as soft as an LL hit… at least on this night. According to Mike Breen, Eddy Curry was having a huge fourth quarter with the Knicks last 11 points. The dunk wasn’t anything spectacular, but it was clutch and it had to hurt. He stuffed that right on Bosh’s face, and not even help from the NBA 2K legend, Jorge Garbajosa, could do anything about it.

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3. Eddy Curry Tells Sean Williams To Sit Down
E-City (love that nickname) was never known for his defense. In all of his career – spanning 10 season and 512 games – the seven-footer has only 382 blocks. He’s no Jedi; Everything gets past him. But every once in a while, the energy in the Garden got to him, and he had a lil’ extra bounce in his step. Sean Williams was probably never so surprised as he was here.

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2. Eddy Curry Is Too Big For Elton Brand
Ironically, doesn’t it look like Curry’s never-been skinnier than he was in this video? Maybe it’s the short hair. His braids – which never had any hang time in the back – always made him look bigger. This play also confirms to me that “majestically” is Clyde Frazier‘s favorite descriptive word ever. Take film from any era, any moment, any player, any Knick season in recent memory and “majestically” will be in there somewhere.

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