Video: Jacksonville College Flushes An Insane In-Game Free Throw Dunk

12.07.12 5 years ago

Jacksonville College

This dunk made its way from Jacksonville, Texas, to Sportcenter’s No. 1 top play for good reason: It’s just as insane a play as it is mind-boggling a bad call. Daniel Skinner, just a sophomore from Dallas, leaped from the free-throw line and, with ease despite having a defender trapped beneath him, flushed a nasty one-handed dunk. It was called off as a charge, even though the defender kept backpedaling to get out of the way the entire sequence. Oh well, we still have the video.

From the looks of the signage on the court, this appears to be from the Jaguars’ Dec. 5 game against Tyler Junior College. Not the place you might expect to have one of the best dunks of the year come out of, but Skinner’s slam will go near the top just the same — even with the charge call. I think we all know that was unjustified.

H/t The Big Lead

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