Watch Klay Thompson Dump 29 Points on the Spurs in One Half of Basketball

05.09.13 4 years ago

klay thompson

While Klay Thompson going off might not be quite as electrifying as when Stephen Curry decides to go berserk, shooting displays like the one he put on the first half last night are still pretty damn impressive.

Klay racked up a career-high 34 points in the Warriors’ 100-91 victory over the Spurs,with 29 of them coming in the first half (you can see that first half performance below).

After the game Gregg Popovich had this to say about Klay’s performance:

“Klay was unbelievable. A lot of those shots were tough. Some of them were wide open because of mistakes, but other ones were difficult shots, either contested or off balance, but he knocked them down. That’s what the playoffs are about; players have to make shots.”

And later on:

“I thought it was polite of (Curry and Thompson) to at least take turns and not both be on fire on the same night. Maybe the next iteration (of that) will be neither one of them will be hot in Game 3; that’s what I’m hoping.”

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