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(Odin didn’t tap)

After the jump, I’ve got a sneak preview of Valhalla Rising, a viking movie from Bronson director Nicholas Winding Refn.  The two-minute video contains pretty much all the things I like — beheadings, axe killings, disembowelings, shirtless prisoners choke-wrestling, and sharks 69-ing.  Okay, maybe not that last one, but poetic license.

The clip’s pairing of the most brutal and über-violent footage from the film with Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker” is riotous and entertaining but be forewarned, it’s pretty much capsuled all the blood-thirst into the two minutes.
Described as a “horror movie as directed by Terrence Malick,” the film is actually a slow-moving, hypnotizing and mesmerizing picture centering on a Viking warrior slave who escapes his captives with the aid of a young boy and boards a Viking vessel only to sail into the heart of darkness.
“Valhalla Rising” should hit theaters sometime in the Spring.  [via ThePlaylist]

*puts finger over mouth* Shh-shh, don’t speak.  You had me at “young boy gives a slave aids.”

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