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Back in September, I reported that Jackass 2.5 (64 minutes of stunts that aren’t in Jackass 2 or the upcoming Jackass 3) would be out in time for Christmas, but now the word is that it’s not going to be a DVD, rather, they’ll be releasing it for free on the internet.

The film will be online, free of charge courtesy of Blockbuster Video, for two weeks starting December 19th of this year. You can view the film at blockbuster.jackassworld.com. Then the movie moves to DVD and iTunes, as "part of a light-speed reinvention of the customary distribution-window chain. The domestic release strategy also will be replicated internationally in early 2008, but with different distribution partners. [Cinematical]

I can’t imagine Chris Pontius is too happy about this.  As my mother always taught me, chugging horse semen is sometimes acceptable, but you always charge.

Anyone picking Preston Lacy in the death pool?  God he’s fat. 

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