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By / 02.18.10

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“There’s an evolution, and people are starting to not accept inferior forms, which is good.  But it’s typical of Hollywood to get it wrong. We do a film that’s natively authored in 3D — it’s shot in 3D.  So they assume from the success of that, that they can just turn movies into 3D.  In 8 weeks.  You know, just throw a switch on 3D and that’s gonna work somehow.  If you wanna make a movie in 3D, MAKE the movie in 3D. It should be a filmmaker-driven process and not a studio-driven process.”

Of course, that’s nothing that me and everyone outside of the studio-exec-coke-party circuit hasn’t already been saying for months.  But Cameron has billions of dollars so he gets to do whatever he wants, like tell the truth, or have a lady’s hairstyle, and no one can say sh-t.  Sadly, he then had to go and ruin it by saying that he wants Kathryn Bigelow to win the Best Director Oscar — because he has too many already.

James Cameron: I respect the whole institution of the Academy Awards because it’s the pinnacle of achievement in my chosen profession. But I don’t really need another one. But to be honored – you know, to have the team honored and for their accomplishment, that would mean so much to them. And I think that would be the fantasy outcome in all of this.

Charlie Rose: So you’re saying to the voters, please take a look at my team and go for us as Best Picture. But –

James Cameron: Yeah, and I –

Charlie Rose: — go for Kathryn Bigelow for Best Director.

James Cameron: I mean, all I can say is that that would make me very happy if that – you know, I don’t want to try to get –

Charlie Rose: Happier than if it was Best Director for James Cameron?

James Cameron: Honestly, yes.

Yes, truly, I don’t need another Oscar.  It’d just get lost among all the other ones and my collection of gold bars that I use to throw at my harem of expensive Ukranian prostitutes.  And that way if my ex-wife wins, I can say “Well, I did sort of give it to you…” and make dismissive wank motions at her during her acceptance speech. That’s right, fags, king of the world and don’t you forget it.


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