By: 02.22.10

I was looking for a clip of Mickey Rourke presenting at the BAFTAs when I covered it morning, because having seen the guy’s past award-show speeches (sample quote from last year’s BAFTA speech: “Thanks to Marisa Tomei.  It was brave of her to taker her clothes off… all the time… I enjoyed looking at her.”), I figured this one would probably be pretty good.  Sadly, so far, all I have is the short clip above, in which Rourke complains about not being able to see the teleprompter, then ask the audience:

“You want this bareback or with a raincoat?”

Which everyone knows is creepy uncle for “Shall I don a prophylactic?” So how say you, England?  And remember, no one likes a prude.  Anyway, the audience was said to have responded, “Whoa whoa whoa, Mickey, you’re just here to present an award, wearing a condom won’t be necessary.  Now a tie, that might’ve been nice…”

(Last year’s speech):

[Thank to MovieLine for finding the video]

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