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06.09.09 10 Comments

500 Days of Summer has a new trailer out, and amazingly, they made it look like something I’d want to see.  Funny how replacing mom pants and a scene blatantly ripped from Garden State (and might I add it was the worst scene) will do that to a trailer.  Now we’ve got an anal sex joke, Hall & Oates, and my all-time favorite, the record-scratch sound effect.  A record scratch says WHOA, STOP THE PARTY, CHEECH, THIS STORY ISN’T PLAYING OUT HOW I’D PLANNED!  YOU’VE SUBVERTED MY EXPECTATIONS AGAIN, YOU CRAZY KIDS! OH NO, HIJINKS!

Zooey Deschanel is really hot.  She’d be even hotter if she didn’t dress like sex was something she read about in the New Yorker.

If the player isn’t working so hot, you can also watch it here until I get a new one up.

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