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08.19.07 19 Comments

According to an interview he gave Larry King, Bill Maher's documentary on the state of religion that he made with Borat director Larry Charles, will be released some time around Easter.  Seems kind of messed up, if you ask me – releasing a movie where you dis Jesus on Jesus' birthday.  Wait, no, Christmas is Jesus' birthday.  What's Easter?  His re-birthday?  A celebration of the rabbit that invented chocolate?

“We talked to everybody. We went everywhere. We went to every place where there is religion. We went to Vatican City. We went to Jerusalem. We went to Salt Lake City. And I think I’ve insulted everybody!” Maher said win a big grin.

Originally title A Spiritual Journey, Maher now says he'd like the movie to be called Religulous.  Personally, I think the movie should've been about those girls who want to stay virgins but think taking it up the butt doesn't count.  Those chicks are fun.  They could call it Religula.   


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