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One consequence of the writer’s strike may be that the studios begin shooting movies without a writer on board.  From Variety:

"There’s no such thing as a locked script," says one Sony-based producer who has a go project.

"How can you make a movie without a writer?" asks manager Patty Detroit. "You can’t!"

Sony, for example, has at least two big-budget, high-profile "go" films that may have incomplete scripts and/or major casting holes. Paul Haggis admitted while walking the strike line last week that his script for "Bond 22," which is skedded to shoot in December, is not locked. Similarly, the script for "Angels & Demons," was rushed to meet the Nov. 1 deadline.

Major tentpoles are the most vulnerable should the strike drag on. Warner Bros. execs are nervous about how to proceed with "Justice League of America," which is still uncast and is a crucial potential franchise boasting popular DC Comics characters. "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins" will face issues if the strike goes past April. "The Jetsons" has a locked script, but it is uncast. 

Does “tentpole” mean “piece of shit”?  It must.  Wow, not only are they dumb enough to actually make a JLA, Jetsons, and fourth Terminator movie, they might shoot them without writers.  That will be interesting.  [picture courtesy of Box Office Psychics]

Paramount, on the other hand, threw four pricey A-list scribes at would-be $100-million franchise "G.I. Joe," which is scheduled to start shooting in February, and swears that the move paid off. Stuart Beattie ("3:10 to Yuma"), John Lee Hancock ("A Perfect World") and Brian Koppleman and David Levien ("Ocean’s Thirteen") teamed up in an intense collaboration that yielded, according to di Bonaventura, a shootable script.

Shootable, now that’s high praise.  I try to give my girlfriend the same kind of encouragement.  Whenever she gives me a blow job and then asks me how it was, I shrug my shoulders and go, "Meh."  Girls go crazy for that lovey dovey shit.    

Fox is moving full speed ahead with its "X-Men" spinoff "Wolverine," even though many roles are still uncast. Unlike "X-Men," "Wolverine" rests solidly on Hugh Jackman’s shoulders.

On "X-Men" pics, Parker admits, writers Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn were making adjustments throughout production. "Wolverine" will have no such luxury. Most action sequences will be handled in f/x animation.

Ugh… Let’s follow up a Brett Ratner abortion with an FX-heavy, writer-free romp.  Sounds promising.

"The X-Files" sequel, while casting supporting roles, is to start in December, Parker says. Pulling the plug now would be prohibitively expensive.

Well, they’ve already pissed away millions, no choice but to piss away more, right?  Nevermind that the show went off the air five years ago, or that the first movie was a turd anyway.  It’s like Speed 4: Script of Doom!   

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