Let’s face it, a lot of people comment on FilmDrunk.  But it takes an extra special sort not to say something pointless or retarded, and an even specialer sort to actually be funny.  And that’s why every week, I honor those special Drunkards.

Nominate your favorite comment for next week’s Comments of the Week here (post is hidden, so bookmark it).  Want to know more about how it works?  Here’s a handy primer from frequent commenter ‘The Mighty Fek’lhr’.  Don’t care?  Fair enough.

1. Pauly Dangerously perhaps best captures to spirit of FilmDrunk with this gem from the Ryan Reynolds thread: "I can wash my clothes on Ryan Reynolds’ stomach. By "wash my clothes" I mean "spooge".  [whispers] I’d fuck him face to face."

2.  From the Indiana Jones thread, Jacktion! suggests a more apt title, based on the star’s age: "Indiana Jones and the Newscaster That He Doesn’t Like."

3.  From the Wolverine is Pissed thread, JHC discovers similarities between himself and Wolverine: "’It will center on the origins of the superhero with animal-like reflexes, an alloy skeletal system and the ability to heal from virtually any wound. He also could use a friend.’  Fuckin’ A!!!!  I have a super-power just like Wolverine!!!" 

4.  From the The Happening trailer thread, The Luchador says, "My mom has a brand new trailer too. And a new tattoo of a bluejay on her back." 

5.  From the Weekend Preview thread, John Wayne in a Devo Hat suggests a borderline racist new title for Step Up 2 The Streets: Talk Up 2 The Screen.

6.  And finally, Chodin asks what we’ve all been wondering in the Dennis Quaid thread: Anyone know if they’re gonna allow dudes to have sex with each other during screenings of "G.I. Joe" ?

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