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12.14.07 48 Comments

Here’s the first pic from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  At least his cock (don’t click it, you know what it’s gonna be) isn’t in this one.  This also gives me an excuse to post all the recent posters.

Prom Night: Let’s see… horror movie.  Remake. Produced by Screen Gems.  Wow, that’s like 12 strikes.  Tagline: “A Night to Die for”.  Well, at least they’re creative. 

The Dark Knight: Yeah yeah, we get it, you’re cool. I’ll see the movie, okay? 

The Eye: In case you were too stupid to figure out what the movie was about they’ve spelled it out for you.  If blind chicks looked more like this, I’d probably try to date them instead of just asking “Hey can you hold this for a second?” before I drop trou.  Blind chicks love that joke – never gets old. 

Jumper: Sweet landmarks – hey look, it’s The Matrix meets National Treasure! I liked my idea better. 

Harold and Kumar Have Their Genitals Ridiculed Escape from Guantanamo: Remember when they made posters before Photoshop?  Come on guys, even I can put a fence in front of people – Free Birthday Dog! 


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