08.15.07 10 years ago 7 Comments

According to IESB, Sam Raimi is looking to direct The Hobbit.  Where does this leave Peter Jackson, you ask?

All sources indicate that although Jackson won’t be back to direct, our source is telling us that Raimi is looking to helm The Hobbit with Peter Jackson attached to produce. 

Ha, you didn't ask about Peter Jackson at all, did you.  See what I did there?  I just put words in your mouth.  Sometimes I do it at parties.  A hot chick will walk over and I'll be like, "Will I make love to you, you ask?" And usually it works on account of me being so sexy, but every once in a while she'll just look at me funny.  At which point I'll just jump out the window and yell, "WHAT'S UP NOW?" 

Anyway, I'd rather see Raimi direct this than Peter Jackson because Peter Jackson is fat and fat people should die. 

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