Check out the latest clip from Youth Without Youth, from Francis Ford Coppola.

Based on the metaphysical writings of Romanian philosopher Mircea Eliade, the film follows Tim Roth as 70-year-old linguistics professor Dominic Matei, a man haunted by his lost love Lara while languishing in Bucharest, and after being struck by lightning, he goes through a process of rejuvenation that reverts his body back to that of a 40-year-old. [] 

Nazis? Electricity? Horses? Am I the only one who thinks this clip belongs in an Indiana Jones movie?  If Francis starts looking like Alf and dressing like an old lesbian… well, then I guess that makes two fat old directors that look stupid then, doesn’t it.   

Join us for next week’s episode of Learning to Count with Obscure Movie References for our abnormally-short Italian guy edition, starring Danny DeVito and Joe Pesci. (opens in NY and LA December 14th)

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