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Here are some pictures of Mel Gibson with his new pet, JoJo the Jew-Hating Beaver.  “What’s that JoJo?  The Jews caused all of the wars?  Haha, I love you, JoJo.  Let’s go gnaw some wood for the oven.”

Okay, actually the pictures are from the set of The Beaver.

The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster, is about Walter (Mel Gibson), troubled father and husband and CEO of a stalling toy company [who gives voice to] The Beaver, a glove puppet that Walter finds, starts to wear without pause, and adopts as a kind of avatar through which he carries out all of his communication. Almost all of the dialogue given to the lead actor throughout the entire screenplay will have to come from the Beaver, and be delivered in what screenwriter Kyle Killen describes as a “crisp English accent.” [FirstShowing]

In all seriousness, this movie sounds GD amazing.  Plus, if anyone knows what do with a beaver, it’s Jodie Foster.  Haha, I love you, easy jokes.

[picture source = SplashNews]

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