Did you know: there are actually two guys in this picture?

Hollywood is in a rush to rip off The 300 as early and often as possible, since everyone knows that if one movie is successful, the best business strategy is to make 12 more just like it.  The two leading competitors are War of the Gods from Tarsem Singh and Clash of the Titans from Incredible Hulk director Louis TheTerrier.  News today is that the leads are close to being cast, Henry Cavill in Gods and Sam Worthington in Titans.

The studios have been in a fierce battle to get their product to market first, in a battle echoing the scramble between competing studio projects “Troy” and “Alexander” in 2004.
“Gods,” Charles and Vlas Parlapanides’ story of kings and warriors in ancient Greece, will be produced by the producers of “300” and directed by Tarsem Singh.
Warners’ and Legendary Pictures’ co-production “Titans” was actually set up first; the project, directed by Louis Leterrier, looks at similar themes and characters as “Gods” — the mythological character Perseus and his battle to save a princess from villains such as Medusa. [THR]

Oh yeah, Troy and Alexander!  Hey, remember when both those movies sucked enormous ass?  Ah, but don’t judge these by those.  I’m sure they’ll be great.  I always find being in a big rush is just the motivation I need to do something right, like when I’m threading a needle and someone’s standing next to me shaking my arm and shouting “Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry!”

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