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10.27.07 42 Comments

I found a lull in my busy schedule of pleasuring supermodels and teaching terrorists how to love (with my fists!) and have decided to use it to bring you a bonus post, a 5:50 clip from Bee Movie.

It seems okay, for a kids movie – better than The Game Plan, at least – but I’ve still got a bone to pick with it.  I mean, it’s one thing to say the bees talk, just not to humans, but extracting the honey with gun contraptions?  Kids today are already dumb enough without us monkeying with the basic tenets of biology.

What these spoiled little bastards really need to be watching are documentaries about their peers in China and the third world. 

"See that, Billy?  Little Quan works 18 hours a day weaving shoe laces in a closet full of toxic gas [the gas makes them tie better] and he never complains.  Now that’s what I call work ethic!" 

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