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09.05.07 11 Comments

UPDATE: I originally posted this this morning, and then ‘BDarbs’ sent me such a charming story about it that I thought I’d share.  Check it out, after the jump. 

Watch the higher res versions here

I’m hesitant to write a post about The Kite Runner trailer going online today, because doing so requires me to admit that I really enjoyed both The Kite Runner book and Marc Forster’s last movie, Finding Neverland (I thought Monster’s Ball was boring, but did enjoy the scene where Heath Ledger shoots himself in the chest – that was harsh).  I know they’re both sappy, sentimental crap, but they were really well-done sappy, sentimental crap.  I liked them, okay?  A lot. 

So there, I said it. Basically I’m a big girl.  I’m going to fetch my parasol, put on my frilliest sundress and scamper off to meet my girlfriends for tea, where we’ll talk all about The Kite Runner movie and discuss our vagina problems while trying to decide which one of us is most like which character in Sex and the City.  It’s going to be a blast!  Take Sandra; she has a big ugly nose, but she’s also a huge slut – honestly, the girl’s so loose you could put a diamond in her hoo-ha and two weeks later it’d be a lump of coal!  Does that mean she’s more like Carrie or Samantha?  She can’t be both.  The girls always compare me to Carrie, because of the writing thing?  But I have a great nose, and I would never, under any circumstances, date a guy named "Aiden"


BDarbs writes: I was doing a group project for a class in college, and the two other people in my group were a nice girl from lily-white East San Diego County, and a black guy from Long Beach that I played football with.  We met at her apartment to work on the project and I noticed that she had Monsters, Inc. on DVD.  I asked her if it was any good, at which point my friend from the LBC jumped in and said while undulating wildly, "OH HELL YEAH!!!!

"MAKE ME FEEL GOOD," he yelled as he rubbed his nipples.  "I JUST WANT TO FEEL GOOOD…."

This went on for a good 30 seconds, followed by awkward silence.  The poor girl had a look on her face like she just walked in on her dad wearing a ball gag.  

"I think you have Monsters, Inc. confused with Monsters Ball," I said.



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