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05.26.09 28 Comments

While writing my last post about Dance Flick earning $13 million this weekend, I naturally wondered who the hell all those people seeing it were. That’s when I came across these Twitter reactions and figured, “Hmm, maybe these deserve their own post.”  Then I thought, “Hell, why not make it a top ten list?”  And then I thought, “Look, a squirrel.”

  1. montanatucker says: Okay soo idc what any1 says but I thought Dance Flick was hilarious lol
  2. MIKEgUNRATEDent says: just watched dance flick djozeer is right thats one of those movies that shouldnt be paid to see.. and if you do get drunk.. im bored
  3. davyana808 says: I watched dance flick yesterday, i didn’t like it -.- very retarted.
  4. djozeer says: Had a good time at the movies but the movie sucked,dance flick is a movie you should Waite for until it comes out on t.v!!
  5. signzofodg says: For bein pg13 dat Dance Flick sh*t pretty funny hahaa
  6. fresasmiths says: watched dance flick not that funny HOPE YOUR SADNESS GOES AWAY BOYS LOVE YOU PEACE
  7. pachichii says: Movie nite wit chloe. Fun! Ahaha. Movie dance flick was hela dumb! Haha. Prepare 4 scku tom! Grr. Watch choir concert
  8. CryssRenee says: just saw dance flick. them waynas crazy as hell
  9. momokiki says: o and by tha way i reccomend dance flick 2 an immature audiance only…and thats notta bad thing…tha movie was MAD funny!!!
  10. The_Statement says: Dance Flick, officially the worst movie I’ve ever paid to see, well I aint pay lol but stilllll

It’s funny to me that even among the can’t spell, punctuate, capitalize, or complete a thought demographic, it’s still only running 30-40% recommended.  Not funny?  In the time it took you to read this, the world welcomed six new Wayanses.

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