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02.11.10 22 Comments

UPDATE: Yahoo just posted the full trailer, which I’ve included above.

Here’s the new teaser for Toy Story 3, even though I don’t really care.  Out of all of Pixar’s movies, this one just seems like the one that least needed a sequel.  Anyway, it’s still Pixar, so I’m sure it can’t be too bad if you just need something to entertain your dumb wiener kids for a few hours.  Still, I think I’d rather see some kind of neo-noir called Sex Toy Story.

RABBIT VIBRATOR: *running in circles* Oh boy oh boy oh boy, it’s Friday night!  Don’t you guys just love Friday nights?

GRIZZLED OLD SCUZZ-COVERED BUTT PLUG walks up smoking a cigarette.

GOSCBUP: *sigh* Kid, when ya get to be my age, Friday’s ain’t nuttin but an unwelcome reminduh of a head fulla bad memories.  *takes drag*  Oh da tings I seen… *shudders, hacks up phlegm*

FRENCH TICKLER: Teepical lazee Americaain.  I long for za day when carpet were long and Fronch teeckeler ruled zee bedroom!

ANAL BEADS:  EVERYBODY QUIET!  We have to spin around 17 times and count to 112 or else it’ll be a terrible night and you’ve interrupted our counting!

THAI BOY jumps out of closet


Get it?  Because the beads are anal?  Yeah, yeah, I know where the corner is.

Okay, so it turns out this was already a Mad TV sketch.  I’m gonna go kill myself now.

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