UPROXX Video: Old Man Reports The News

03.12.13 4 years ago

For those of you who haven’t been following along with our new UPROXX Video series, brought to us by the geniuses of 5 Second Films, please let me know what address I can send the flowers to, because I assume that you’ve been in a coma. However, if you haven’t been in a coma and just haven’t had time to watch these masterpieces yet, then I suggest you go here now and start watching all of them, and then memorize them and quote all of the jokes to your friends so they think you’re funny. That is, until one of them realizes you’re just ripping off someone else and you’re forever shunned.

Oh, but before you go, check out this week’s newest video, “Old Man Reports the News”. It tackles the very serious problem with the disconnect between the elderly and today’s Internet generation, and it reminds me that sending my grandparents that link to the World’s Most Annoying Homepage. Anyway, watch this video now because it’s great.

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