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09.24.07 16 Comments

The movie blog world is all a titter about what Michael Bay’s next project will be.  The Transformers sequel is being planned as a summer 2009 release, but it was also rumored that he’d be teaming with Jerry Bruckheimer (Bay and Bruckheimer go together like rape and genocide) for Prince of Persia, which was also slated for summer 2009. 

Now comes the news that Bay may be interesting in directing 2012: The War for Souls, based on the book by Whitley Strieber.

As struggling author Wylie Dale works on his latest novel, which revolves around an upcoming date when the earth crosses both the galactic equator and the solar ecliptic—a time that the Maya predicted would mark the cataclysmic end of this age—he begins to uncover evidence that what he’s writing about is actually happening on a parallel earth. If nothing is done, on December 21, 2012, gateways will open into this world and reptilian invaders will not only enslave humanity but feast on their succulent souls as well.

Goodness, that sounds like a cross between Stranger Than Fiction and the true stories of reptilian invaders Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer.  It also sounds like Whitley Strieber got laid a lot in high school.  Chicks love sci fi.

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