2 Chainz, Gucci Mane And Quavo Impressively Aim To One-Up Each Other On ‘Good Drank’

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2 Chainz, Gucci Mane and Quavo of Migos definitely have one thing in common besides their geographic connection. The trio of MCs are absolute workaholics, spending a considerable amount of time in the studio working on their craft. Right now, Tity Boi’s leading the pack with three projects already out this year. Gucci’s dropped two with a third one just announced. And Quavo and the Migos gang have delivered two projects along with a consistent stream of features to keep their name in everyone’s timeline since January.

When artists from the same city spend that much time recording, it seems only right that their paths would cross and collaborations be born. Thankfully, Chainz was able to corral the other two to create the new track “Good Drank” and it’s as potent as can be. With Mike Dean behind the boards, the melodic production creates an almost perfect landscape for each artist to sprinkle metaphors and similes all over the place. 2 Chainz spits his usual round of expensive rhymes that would take a calculator to keep count with Quavo adds a chorus that’s just as entertaining as his counterparts’ appearances since he slides in a Harambe reference for amusement.

But, the Wopster would have to be the show-stealer here. He comes through bending words around corners in an almost unbelievable ways — just listen to how he punctuates consecutive lines with two different pronunciations of “Durant” — before proclaiming himself Boulder Crest’s Trapper of the Year. Those highlights may seem small but it’s just another example of Gucci making his own rules since busting out of prison earlier this year.

Currently, there’s no word on where “Good Drank” will land but the three have already knocked out a video for the track. Watch for that to pop up soon and check out a few pics from the shoot in the meanwhile.

G O O D D R A N K….

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G R E A T M E N T O R S….

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