Amine Brings Portland Swag To An NPR Tiny Desk Medley Of His Pop-Rap Hits

Hip-Hop Editor

Portland rapper Amine makes his first NPR Tiny Desk Concert appearance and lives up to the hype surrounding him and his debut single “Caroline.” Gracing the NPR offices with his four-piece band and backup singer Fahrelle Devine, Amine goofs around with the assembled employees, asking about new White House procedures between songs, each of which is delivered with his signature impish energy and upbeat personality.

Performing three songs from his sunny 2017 major debut, Good For You, including a medley of “Caroline” mashed up with “Spice Girl,” he and his band offer entertaining twists on the R&B-flavored, pop rap bops that have made him Portland’s most popular hip-hop persona.

His Tiny Desk Concert might be the most traditional bit of promotion he’s done for Good For You yet, as his strategy so far has included a multimedia barrage including a real newspaper, an actual Spice Girl appearance in the video for song of the same name, and a threat to trademark the color yellow. By contrast, the stripped-down set seems almost passive next to some of his more outrageous and colorful efforts, but even without the body paint, giant toilets, or polyester blue tux, Amine has a style all his own.

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