B-Roc The Prophecy – Something Real

07.17.14 4 years ago

This album holds 11 songs that are all both written and produced by myself. I also engineered and mixed and mastered the project myself. This album is based on a true story. A chain of events that I personally went through in my teen years that ultimately changed my life forever and made me into the person and the artist that I am today. I had been working on this album since 2011 and finally came up with a finished project to release on July 14, 2014. I feel like I took all the time in the world to put this together. Every line, every drum and every sound is sure to make you feel what i felt on that faithful day. Nothing but story telling, lyrical content and good production in behind it all. I want to remind people what real music sounds like. If you take the time out to listen, let me say Thank You and i appreciate every second that you took to listen to my music. I hope you listen to this album and come away with something real.

Thank You!

~B-roc The Prophecy

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