Chance The Rapper And His Ex Amicably Settle Their Child Support Case

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After a big brouhaha in the Chicago press over what amounted to nothing, Chance The Rapper and his ex-girlfriend Kirsten Corley have reportedly amicably settled their child support case. According to the Chicago Tribune, a Cook County judged signed off on the agreement for an undisclosed sum that had been reached between both parties earlier today.

The dispute dates all the way back to a year ago in February 2016, just about five months after Corley gave birth to the couple’s daughter Kensli. Back then, Corley filed petition to establish paternity while also setting up arrangements for child support. “This case ended quickly because of the unusually high level of cooperation between the parents putting their child’s best interest first,” Enrico J. Mirabelli, Corley’s attorney said.

That sentiment stands in stark contrast to the picture painted by the City’s other major publication, the Chicago Sun-Times who ran a story titled, “Child-support spat could hurt Chance the Rapper’s image.” In the piece, editorial board member Mary Mitchell openly questioned whether Chance’s then-ongoing custody hearings could affect his “good guy” image.

“Right now, Chance looks like a hero in the ‘hood,” Mitchell wrote referencing his recent $1,000,000 donation to Chicago Public schools. “If this personal issue is handled callously in the public, Chance the Rapper’s clean-cut image could take a big hit. After all, you can’t hand out money to benefit children you don’t know and come off looking like you are being stingy when it comes to your own child.”

Chance was having none of that and took to Instagram where he posted a video telling the paper to “get the f**k back.”

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