Okayplayer’s VP Of Music Ginny Suss Is A ‘Maven’ Of Tour-Managing And Social Justice Activism

Hip-Hop Editor

Courtesy Drew Gurian/Ginny Suss

Next week Red Bull will release a new episode of their female-focused series, Mavens, sharing the story of Ginny Suss, a VP at the music and media platform Okayplayer.com and OkayAfrica, as well as the music director/producer of the historic Women’s March On Washington. In her (non-existent) free time, she’s also tour-managed for the likes of The Roots and plenty of other artists. The episode was shot as a lead-up to the Red Bull Sound Select Presents 3 Days In Philadelphia music festival, where Suss and Okayplayer are curating the headlining show, Saturday 10/14, with Syd, Ravyn Lenae, St. Beauty, and Dawn Richard.

Suss and I talked via phone about the episode, what it was like tour managing for The Roots, producing the Women’s March On Washington and the event’s global impact, along with her favorite arguments on Okayplayer’s legendary discussion boards.

UPDATE: Ginny Suss’ episode of Mavens is now live! Check it out below:

First things first, what was your Okayplayer screen name? Were you involved in the forums at all?

Yeah, and I just did a whole Red Bull video for this too! There’s a whole funny story behind my Okayplayer message board name, which is Gingerlynn. I can’t give away the whole story until that video goes live!

That was you?

Yeah, that was me! Do you remember me?

I haven’t been on the boards in a long time, but I remember you.

I didn’t start participating in the message boards until Questlove got me into it around early 2004, just a few months after I started tour-managing The Roots. My first experience with the boards was like, ‘You’re now representing The Roots officially, so you have to think about it from that perspective.’ So I was like an observer, and I didn’t want to get into the conversations too deeply with my own opinions because I was representing The Roots on there.

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