Iggy Azalea Cited Her Love Of Pizza As Proof That Her New Single Is On The Way

Senior Music Writer

Iggy Azalea apparently has a new single dropping later this month. Titled “Switch,” the latest record is set to hit the digital airwaves on May 19. Azalea shared the news over Twitter, along with the cover art, which shows a picture of herself with one arm crossed over her body. And for those speculating for whatever reason that the singles’ existence was #FakeNews, she went so far as to offer proof of her identity.

“Hey guys,” she wrote. “I know you dont think its me but its really me. i love pizza. i love pizza.”

I mean, to be honest, the evidence itself is a bit flimsy considering, literally who doesn’t love pizza? For all we know, Lil Yachty hijacked Iggy’s Twitter account and is sending out bogus single drop announcements. Is it likely? No. But we can’t rule it out either.

“Switch” would be the second single to come from her upcoming album Digital Distortion after the twerk-tastic “Mo Bounce” which hit back in March. Speaking to Beats 1 DJ Zane Lowe at the time, Iggy said, “I think I was definitely a little more influenced by EDM music and those kinds of sounds at the beginning and, on my last record, I really took a step away from that and I wanted to bring that back.” She also added that, “I executive produced this second album entirely and I just feel like it’s a much better reflection of me. In a way closer to the mixtape stuff that I had total control over as well.”

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