A ‘High As F-ck’ Lil Pump Hilariously Thought A Boy Scout Was In The Military

12.06.17 2 months ago 4 Comments


On my way to a Boy Scout camp I met Lil Pump he was high as fuck and thought I was in the military from pics

Lil Pump is no stranger to recreational drug use (to put it lightly), and if a Reddit user’s theory is correct, it looks like the up-and-coming rapper was under the influence of something recently that hilariously warped his perception.

Reddit user howhao1999 shared a photo yesterday of him in a full Boy Scouts uniform posing with Lil Pump, and he titled the post, “On my way to a Boy Scout camp I met Lil Pump he was high as f-ck and thought I was in the military.” The poster didn’t share much detail beyond that, although he did say that he’s not a particularly big Lil Pump fan: “The only reason I recognized him was because a friend introduced me to photos of the stupid shit he does like pointing guns in his mouth. I got peer pressured to go to his concert this Saturday, though.”

Now that Pump is done thanking Boy Scouts for their service, he ought to have more time to finish that joint project with Lil Yachty that they’re hoping to release at the very start of 2018.

Find the original Reddit post here.

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