Rick Ross Is Being Threatened With Calls To PETA For Riding A Horse

Life Writer
10.10.16 2 Comments

Rick Ross has lost a lot of weight over the years and is no longer the same rapper the country met in 2008 with “Hustlin.” The former “big belly man” got on his “Ross Fit” and changed his diet from 100 percent lemon pepper wings to 80 percent pears — “shout out to the all pears!” — and is now living better than ever. So much so that Ross recently realized a dream of his — riding a horse.

Over the weekend, Young Renzel shared a video of himself mounting a horse for the first time and riding it for a few steps. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a truly majestic moment is now turning ugly. Concerned fans are threatening to call PETA on the basis that Rick Ross riding a horse is a form of animal cruelty.

“Bothered by the fact that Rick Ross got on this horse and almost disabled the entire thing….. Everyone clapped though,” tweeted out an uneasy fan. One man said he couldn’t bring himself to watch the video, commenting, “Video on IG of Rick Ross tryna get on a horse. I couldn’t even watch it bro. I’m boutta to call PETA On dis n*gga.” Another even proposed banning the rapper from riding. “Rick Ross should not be able to ride a horse.”

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