This Soulja Boy Challenge-‘Belly’ Mash-Up Video Is The Best One Yet And Its Not Even Close

Managing Hip-Hop Editor

Soulja Boy’s 2017 is starting off just as badly as his 2016 ended with the internet having a selection of items to choose from when they want to mock the rapper best known for his ringtone success. But the one thing that’s garnered him the most ridicule and laughter would have to be the Soulja Boy challenge. And this new mash-up video that captures his amazing story and pairs it with scenes from the hood classic Belly might be the best entry yet.

The story originates from SB’s recent interview with DJ Vlad in which he recounts the 2008 incident where he shot a few would-be burglars who tried to enter his home. The story’s obviously a serious one and no laughing matter, except the dramatic recreation of the events as told by the “Crank That” rapper is just too much to hold back from giggling about. With everyone from other rappers to comedians taking their shot at mocking Soulja’s story, it’s Twitter user Kashajuan Powers and Bon Vivants World who have created the be all, end all of the challenges by matching scenes from Belly, the 1998 film directed by Hype Williams and starring DMX and Nas, with all the wildness of the real-life shootout described by Soulja.

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