Vic Mensa And Vince Staples Spent Their Sunday Going In On R. Kelly For His Alleged Crimes

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07.30.17 2 Comments

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Over the past few decades, R. Kelly has exhibited some strange behavior, to say the least. While it’s all conjecture, the man seems to have had some relations with women much younger than him and has been accused of some heinous crimes. The latest accusation might be the most absurd and disturbing, as a lengthy Buzzfeed investigation uncovered what appears to be some sort of “cult” Kelly is running out of his Atlanta home, where he “traps” five women and controls their lives, including their various sexual activities they engage in with him. Kelly has denied the allegations, but with his past relationships with underage girls, the court of public opinion has had their say on the matter.

Two young rappers have entered the fray with their opinions on the matter and they are direct and harsh. Fellow Chicago native Vic Mensa chatted with TMZ briefly, but even though the interview was just over 90 seconds when he was in a rush, it was more than enough time for Vic to blurt “F*ck R. Kelly. R. Kelly is a scumbag and a very dirty man and he needs to be locked away forever.”

Then, the always-vocal Vince Staples chimed in on the matter on Twitter, and he pulled no punches as well. Vince began last night, simply calling Kelly a “fool” and slowly tweeting out more thoughts. He later called Kelly “smoked out,” and when someone came to Kelly’s defense, Vince responded “Since you love R kelly so much have him perform at your daughters next birthday party. No? Ok thought so.” Check out the rest of Vince’s tweets below.

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