Video: Big Sean Questions Why He Isn’t Considered One Of The Best Rappers (Says He Can Out Rap Drake)

08.08.13 4 years ago 35 Comments

I wonder why people don’t consider Big Sean as one of the best rappers. They might consider J. Cole one of the best rappers, they might consider Drake one of the best rappers. I’ll hop on a song with Drake and out rap him and that’s my homie.
– Big Sean

Thanks to everybody who came out to the NY listening party tonight for #HallOfFame this album is a piece of art so that’s how we displayed it!!! This is something different than anything I’ve ever done. I can show u I can rap n out rap whoever, or creative new flows, etc but that’s what I prove on every feature I do. I wanted to give u something deeper than that. I concentrated more on emotions and feelings than patterns on a verse. I actually made something that’s therapeutic as opposed to just trying to impress… Songs like “Fire” and “World Ablaze” aren’t about how well I can rap they were about going through real life and expressing it in a way that can help people get through what they got going on in life.

Everything came from a real place on this album… Whether its some club shit, some nasty shit, or something w/ soul. It’s just all different moods i go through… Thanks for listening. #hof827
– Big Sean

Big Sean spoke about his new album, “Hall Of Fame,” at a NYC listening session last night. He talked about his motivation for the album and questioned why he isn’t considered one of the best rappers out. “Hall Of Fame,” drop August 27th.

What are your thoughts on what Big Sean had to say? Is he underrated? Should he be considered in the, “New Legends,” talk.

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