Video: Chelsea Handler Speaks On Breaking Up With 50 Cent & Confirms He Dated Ciara

01.24.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Chelsea said 50 had wooed her with “ridiculous amounts” of white roses and repeated calls to her office. 50 later came to one of her shows in Nashville, banged her afterward and the rest is history. But phones came between them: “He’s not a grammatical genius…you should’ve seen some of the texts he used to send me.” They had a “falling out” after 50 tried to rope her into a 3-way call and Chelsea had refused, using a racist word (“ghetto”) to describe the behavior: “And it was really really offensive and I never spoke to him again…it was the equivalent of saying ‘you’re like a street person.’”

So 50 cent and Cheslea Handler dated for a few months but things ended abruptly after 50 Cent called her to warn her about Ciara coming on the show and she responded in a rude manner. Would you go from Ciara to Chelsea Handler?

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