Video: DKing Tour Documentary Part 1

03.26.13 5 years ago

What are you willing to sacrifice? How much are you willing to give up? How far are you willing to go? How many loved ones are you willing to leave behind? How many years of chasing a dream, that may never come true are you willing to waste?

I come from a place where money is what motivates the people, not the love of the culture. But just like everywhere else in this world, hustle comes with a price; one that can’t be paid for in cash, credit, precious metals or stones. Are there benefits? Yes. For the last year I have been traveling the world touring. Reaching places that most could never imagine. I’ve performed in front of crowds and stadiums that some major artist will never do. Many days I spent in airports by myself. Nights I spent in hotels by myself. Walked to venues, and at times been denied access to after parties and clubs that I was invited to host, in countries as hostile as Iraq. This is just a speck of my musical journey and life story. And how far I am I willing to go? How much will I give? I’m willing to go ALL THE WAY, TIL THERE’S NOTHING LEFT.


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