Video: The Tanning Of America Part 1 & 2

02.26.14 4 years ago

1970 – 1986: From Blaxploitation films through groundbreaking television like All in the Family and The Jeffersons; racial strife in New York city and the birth of hip hop; the rise of Def Jam and Run DMC breaking thru on MTV; the 80’s success of Eddie Murphy and the Cosby Show; Run DMC collaborate with Aerosmith; Run DMC signs a sponsorship deal with Adidas.

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Check below for part 2 of 4.

1987 – 1992: From the dawn of political and gangsta rap through the dawn of hip hop movies to the election of Bill Clinton; Arsenio Hall; the Fresh Prince; In Living Color; hip hop’s influence on fashion and Madison Ave; the Beastie Boys; the Source; Yo! MTV Raps; Hammer and Vanilla Ice; the LA riots and racial strife in America.

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