Bruce Willis talks inside baseball, Helen Mirren on the set of ‘Red’

07.13.10 7 years ago

Summit Entertainment

If the movies were baseball games, then forthcoming Summit feature “Red” is like a crop of All-Stars at the Home Run Derby. At least that”s how it is according to Bruce Willis.
During HitFix”s visit to the movie”s set in New Orleans this spring, the veteran action movie actor spoke about his role (as ex-C.I.A. hitman Frank Moses) and cohorts like Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman and Mary-Louise Parker in a series of baseball analogies.
“I”ve never been in a film with so many movie stars,” says the movie star, fresh from shooting a scene of gunfire between shipping containers with Malkovich and Parker. “I”ve never been in a film with all of these people in it that are all like the Yankees… Helen Mirren? Bang. She”s got a home run. Everybody that came in for a day or for a week or three days or two weeks, everybody hit it out of the park.”
“Richard Dreyfuss? That ball is outta here. Grand slam home run, taped up.”
“I just kind of get the ball in and everybody hits it as hard as it comes and out it goes… Working with other actors who can hit the ball right back to you and throw it right back to you hot and give you something else you go, ‘I have to actually act now and think of something funny to say or do now.””
“Motherf*cker, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck,” Willis says in a breach of metaphorical flow.  F*cking sh*t. F*ck. Sh*t. Sh*t. F*ck.”

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The topic shifts to talk on the film”s potential PG-13 rating. While there will be plenty of mixed martial arts and Helen Mirren firing semi-automatic weaponry in the film, there will be very little blood. Obscenity is kept to the Hollywood PG-13 standards, so “Red”s” writers and director Robert Schwentke are allowing themselves one or two “f*cks” to keep. And the cast has had a little fun with it.
“Yeah, it”s a contest. We”re going to try to get Summit to give us a second f*ck. Is that sick, where we live in a world where my kids can go online and look at hardcore porn with no rating no nothing, but you can”t go to the movies and hear people say f*ck more than one time?” the 55-year-old actor continues, nibbling on Smarties candies. “I can cuss all day long. Did you see ‘Cop Out?””
Willis” Frank differs from his role in that Kevin Smith-led comedy in that this character “isn”t so comedy driven.[Frank] has a lot of issues. He has problems. He never really had a girlfriend because he was afraid that someone would kill his girlfriend so now it”s the first time in years that he”s going with the girlfriend concept. So that”s interesting,” he says, pointing to his character”s romantic interest Sarah (Parker) as part of the comic relief. “[Parker”s] hysterical. She”s really funny in this. Comedy, yes. Romance, yes.”
“There”s a lot of chemistry on a lot of levels. It”s a highly chemical kind of movie. John [Malkovich] and I got along great. It was great writing. Everybody had their scenes written really well. Mary-Louise Parker spins gold out of one or two words out of a sentence and can make it into a great joke so it”s easy to act when — you”ve seen me in a film when it”s just been me by myself with a bunch of model robots… That was no fun.”
Fans of the original comic and of the forthcoming film should make their way to Hall H during the 2010 Comic-Con in San Diego on Thursday (July 22) for Summit”s official “Red” panel, featuring Willis, Mirren and others.

“Red” heads to theaters on Oct. 15. Click here to check out the trailer.

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