Does ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’ deserve a second look on DVD?

11.02.09 8 years ago

This was not how Hayden Panettierie’s movie career was supposed to take off after her breakout role on “Heroes.”  On paper, the Chris Columbus comedy “I Love You, Beth Cooper” looked like the perfect teen role that might be push Panitterie into a young romantic leading lady.  That plan went on hold after “Cooper” became a one week and out afterthought at the box office this past summer.  The The bigger question is: should it have been?

It was pretty apparent 20th Century Fox put little marketing or promotion behind the July release.  No one wants to use the word “dump” with a Chris Columbus film, but there the studio didn’t go full blast as with other releases (shoot, even “Jennifer’s Body” got more love).  Perhaps they were just hoping it would fade away and Columbus wouldn’t suffer the embarrassment of a second high-profile bomb in a row after “Rent”? Too late.  Most reviews were mixed which would support that theory, but HitFix’s own Drew McWeeny wrote an impassioned review championing the film.  Now, “Cooper” is hitting DVD and Blu-ray tomorrow and if you haven’t seen it already, you can now decide for yourself. 

For added measure, check out a clip from “Cooper” embedded in this story. 

As for Panettierie, she’ll hope for a rebound with the upcoming indie drama “Carmel” and that “Heroes” surivies another season.

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